Kitchen machine recommended by

  • Timer function
  • Stainless steel dough hook
  • 7-liter bowl with a capacity of up to 5 kg dough
  • Developed with the Norwegian National Baking Team


The award-winning kitchen machine, Probaker, has been further developed, and we are proud to present the Probaker Timer, now also featuring a stainless steel dough hook. The new timer function makes it easy to have complete control over the baking process. Probaker Timer delivers optimal baking results for the uncompromising baker. It took five years of development together with the Norwegian National Baking Team to find the best solutions. The result is a high-capacity kitchen machine with a unique kneading system and accessories, as well as a quiet machine that stands steady.


Timer Function

The new feature includes both a built-in stopwatch and countdown timer.


Stainless Steel Dough Hook

We have further developed the dough hook, which now comes in stainless steel and is more robust and durable. The unique dough hook is optimized to effectively develop gluten in the dough, and it has minimal distance to the bowl to ensure all ingredients are kneaded without the dough climbing the hook. The dough hook is dishwasher safe.


Recommended by (2023) conducted a new comprehensive test to find the best kitchen machine, and our Probaker Timer received the "recommended" mark and a rating of 8.5 – very good, which is the second highest score in the test.


Double-Action Kneading System

With its double-action kneading system, where both the bowl and the hook rotate simultaneously, you get the best kneading results.



The large 7-liter bowl has a capacity of up to 5 kg of dough. You can easily make both large and small portions. Additionally, it is easy to add ingredients since there is ample space between the bowl and the hooks or whisks.


Speed Settings

With 20 speed settings, you always have control over the baking process and can find the best speed for your recipe.


10-Year Motor Warranty

The kitchen machine comes with a 10-year motor warranty.


Unique Double Whisks

The unique double whisks ensure you get light and airy cream, meringue, and other lighter ingredients you want to make. We recommend reading the user manual for the recommended speed for the best possible results. For example, when whipping meringue, the speed should not be higher than 70%, and try 50% first.


Splash Guard

The Probaker Timer also comes with a splash guard, which is a smart protector against splatters when mixing ingredients. The splash guard is also practical when kneading flour as fine flour dust can easily fly out of the bowl.


Flexi Whisk

Our Flexi Whisk has removable silicone edges to scrape all ingredients along the edge and mix cakes and other batters.



With the heavy components placed low in the unit, we have managed to keep the Probaker Timer completely still even at maximum capacity. This means that even when kneading a large and heavy dough, the machine will stay in place.


The Probaker Timer is truly the best baking machine for the baking enthusiast. It is not for everyone – it is for you!


Included with the kitchen machine:

  • 7-liter bowl
  • Dough hook
  • Flexi whisk
  • Double whisks
  • Dough scraper
  • Splash guard
  • Recipe booklet

Recipes for Probaker and Probaker Timer can be found here: Recipes


  • Item number : 602035
  • Color : black
  • Material : steel
  • Warranty : 10-year engine warranty
  • Dimension : H36xL42.5xW25
  • Capacity : 7L bowl
  • Removable wire : Yes
  • Digital / mechanical control panel : Mechanical
  • Power (watts) : 700
  • Pulse function : Yes
  • RPM min : 1130
  • RPM max : 5700
  • Settings : Speed, heart rate
  • Traffic light : Yes
  • Speed ​​settings : 20
  • Washable : Yes
  • Accessories : Spout cover, dough scraper


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